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Harmonized Building Codes

Ontario Construction 


The Canadian construction industry is welcoming harmonized building codes in an effort to make doing business across the country easier.

Last November, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced more than $13 billion has been committed to create a more labour friendly construction sector and open up free trade within Canada. 

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Vandalism On Job Sites

2By4 Construction News

Rising above the Toronto skyline are hundreds of cranes and condo developments filled with tools and building materials. As a result opportunist thieves and vandals have been taking aim. 

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Personal Branding Tips


If 2016 taught us one lesson it was to be prepared for anything. So is your personal brand ready for the unexpected as we move into 2017? It isn’t about creating a whole new personal brand for 2017 but building and updating your existing brand to ensure continuity through all mediums.

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How to keep writing in a time of citizen journalism.


Many writers struggle to find their niche in an era of ‘citizen journalism’.

It seems anyone with a laptop or smart phone can be a writer. So how do you stand out from the crowd in an era of digital media.

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Backyard Luxury

Good Life Magazine

There is nothing more enjoyable after a long day at work than escaping to your own backyard outdoor oasis. With a glass of wine in hand and the smell of steaks cooking on the barbecue, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a warm summer evening under an awning professionally installed by Sunguard Awnings & Patio Furniture of Mississauga.